Friday, December 09, 2005

Bush Administration's Petulance May Cause End of the World

"I'm taking my toys and going home."
(Via New York Magazine)
Bush-administration officials privately threatened organizers of the U.N. Climate Change Conference, telling them that any chance there might've been for the United States to sign on to the Kyoto global-warming protocol would be scuttled if they allowed Bill Clinton to speak at the gathering today in Montreal, according to a source involved with the negotiations who spoke to New York Magazine on condition of anonymity.

Bush officials informed organizers of their intention to pull out of the new Kyoto deal late Thursday afternoon, soon after news leaked that Clinton was scheduled to speak, the source said.

The threat set in motion a flurry of frantic back-channel negotiations between conference organizers and aides to Bush and Clinton that lasted into the night on Thursday, and at one point Clinton flatly told his advisers that he was going to pull out and not deliver the speech, the source said.

"It's just astounding," the source told New York Magazine. "It came through loud and clear from the Bush people---they wouldn't sign the deal if Clinton were allowed to speak." Clinton spokesman Jay Carson confirmed the behind the scenes dustup took place and that the former president had decided not to go out of fear of harming the negotiations, but Carson declined to comment further.
Okay, it might be funny, if it weren't the strongest country in the "Free World" acting like a little kid at the playground. KEY-rist, are these people capable of anything, no matter how immature and stupid?

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