Monday, July 02, 2012

I got your death panels for ya right here


Danielle Gilbert is [. . . . ]fighting for her life. Danni has stage four colon cancer -- but her insurance company is refusing to cover treatment that could buy her at least three more precious months with her two daughters and husband. 
A chemotherapy drug, Avastin, has been shown to prolong the life of patients like Danni, and it's now part of the standard treatment for cancers like hers -- but Danni's insurer, Blue Cross of Idaho, refuses to pay for the drug. 

These people who gnash and wail about "Obamacare" instituting "death panels" to deny people health care need to know that there are already death panels. Insurance companies already deny medicine amd treatments to people, and those people die. Go here and sign a petition to tell Blue cross of Idaho that what they are doing is wrong.

And remember, as long as we have health care for profit, people will be condemned to die by those who only care about money. And that is insane.